SEEK MAKE and SHARE the power of Story from the heart of San Francisco to the wilderness of Yosemite National Park.

May 29-31 | San Francisco, CA


Legendeer is art in action. The Symposium will be an intensive and immersive experience that puts the emphasis on the action: shaping stories, not just talking about them. We are curating a faculty from diverse areas of the creative world: ­painters, photographers, writers, athletes, educators and entrepreneurs ­ to demonstrate the way they seek out stories and evolve a personal voice that stands out from the crowd. Learn proven, scalable processes in ideation, creative voice development, authoring intellectual property, and building a life of rich experiences that inspire and inform your work. Equip yourself with everything you need to bring your most important projects to life.

DRAWN: Jeremy Collin's San Franicsco Film Premiere & Book Signing- ticket included with price of Legendeer programs, or purchase separately.*


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June 1-6 | Yosemite, CA


Put everything that you've learned from the Symposium into action, as our faculty and a select group of attendees set up basecamp in Yosemite National Park. We'll wake early each morning in hand­-built yurts at Camp Wawona, gather our daily creative challenges, and listen over breakfast as our wilderness experts reveal the history of the region in an open air amphitheater. From there, we'll set out for adventure in Yosemite National Park, where our groups will document their experiences through photography, writing, and drawing. Venture from the "Grizzly Giant" tree in Mariposa Grove to the mist of Yosemite Falls, made famous by Ansel Adams. Back at camp, several yurts will serve as designated workshops, where we will take our raw ideas and observations, and through the Legendeer process, craft them into powerful creative statements. Day's end will find us gathered around the campfire to share our stories, ambitions, and vision for the creative life we want to lead.



Expedition Application

Your experience at Legendeer

Legendeer is an opportunity to work directly with our Faculty to shape and refine your entire creative life: from the pursuit and documentation of inspiring experiences, to the processes used to develop and execute powerful works of art, music, writing and performance.

Idea generation and refinement techniques will be explained, and then demonstrated by multiple instructors at the same time, so you can see how they author, frame and solve creative problems. Explore your own processes and get feedback on how they can be improved.

Panel discussions and interviews with instructors explore the connections between their life experiences and the work you know them for. Discussions will be open, so if you have something to ask, or something to contribute, the floor is yours. We want to share the information that is usually overlooked, and answer burning questions on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of being a full-time creator.

Bring your own ideas for artworks, stories, and projects to the table during breakout sessions. Take them apart, refine them, and recombine them in more powerful ways. Discuss your projects with Instructors and define a clear vision for how to bring them to fruition.

Performances and live painting will bring you as close as you can get to being in the artists’ studios. Evening activities will take us out into San Francisco to put the principles into action, connect with our creative community, and leave us exhausted and inspired.

Loaded with new techniques and modes of thinking from the Symposium, launch into the wilderness of Yosemite to observe, document and author. Hike at a skill level that suits you, with several dedicated instructors in each small hiking group.

Take advantage of an atmospheric ‘basecamp studio’ at Camp Wawona, where you can work on ideas generated during the day in a dedicated studio space. Using specific challenges designed around the Legendeer principles, refine your initial observations and experiences into strong ideas and proofs-of-concept, or refine your own paintings, stories and ideas in an amazing creative environment.

Reconnect with the spirit of the land, as our wilderness experts share insight into the history, geology, flora and fauna of Yosemite. See things most people pass by, understand the profound and complex structures of nature, and apply those insights to the creative process.

Spend time with instructors and fellow artists in the shelter of majestic stone formations, around the campfire, and under the stars. Share your ambitions with a community of dedicated, like-minded explorers and discuss the broader strategies for balancing health, work and your own artistic vision.


Faculty & Speakers

Sterling Hundley

Founder of Legendeer - Painter - Writer - Professor in Communication Arts- Illustrator for Treasure Island, Rolling Stone, The Grammys, MLB

Noah Bradley
Painter - Teacher - Writer - Entrepreneur - Founder of Art Camp - Wanderer
Adam Paquette
Illustrator - Writer - Painter - Digital Nomad
Jeremy Collins
Illustrator - Draftsman - Climber - Entrepreneur- Filmaker- Founder of Meridian Line- Author of Drawn: The Art of Ascent
Barron Storey
Illustrator - Graphic novelist - Teacher - Created timeless covers for Lord of the Flies and Farenheit 451

*Symposium speaker only

Sadie Quarrier
Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic

*Symposium speaker only

Andrew Hem
Painter - Street Artist - Muralist
Justin Sweet
Painter - Illustrator - Concept Artist for The Avengers, Thor 2, Narnia- Co-creator of Eclipse: The Well and the Black Sea
Robalu Gibsun
Spoken Word Poet- Artist

*Symposium speaker only

Ron Lemen
Painter - Illustrator - Teacher
Dan Luvisi
Creator of Last Man Standing and Popped Culture- Illustrator- World Builder
Vanessa Lemen
Painter - Teacher - Fine Artist
Shauna Potoky
Founder of Words & Wilderness - Writer - Poet - Teacher - Naturalist- Catalyst
Jon Schindehette
Founder of The Art Order- Creative Director
Kirk Keeler
Photographer - Adventurer- Teacher- Staff Photographer for the Ansel Adams Museum
Jordan Kushins
Freelance Writer- Clients include Gizmodo, Fast Company and Dwell

Expedition Guides

Our team of seasoned guides will lead us through our daily Yosemite adventures.

Patrick Warren
Mountain Guide- Naturalist
Roddy McCalley
Teacher - Climber - Naturalist
Sean Kriletich
Beekeeper - Earth Shaper - Climber

(May 29th- 31st)


What you are paying for

The Symposium will be hosted at SOMArts

Your ticket to The Legendeer California Symposium in San Francisco will provide access to engaging lectures, panel discussions, demonstrations, breakout sessions, and industry insight into creative processes used in the authoring of content, intellectual property, personal voice, ideation, and the shaping of creative lives. We've invited a world-class line-up of commercial artists, photographers, creative directors, educators, poets, animators, filmakers, painters, innovators, and writers to share the stories behind stories.

Access to the Legendeer California Symposium in San Francisco begins with registration on Friday, May 29th at 3pm, and continues on Saturday and Sunday from 9am though the close of programming.

1 Free ticket to attend the Friday night San Francisco Premiere of Jeremy Collin's film: "Drawn: The Art of Ascent"


(May 29th- June 6th)


(Group and Corporate rates available)


After payment of $25 application fee, you will be emailed instructions for submitting your application.*

What you are paying for


A week of camping, hiking, and storytelling in Yosemite National Park with a team of world class creative instructors.

A proven curriculum that teaches attendees to shape experiences into a distinct creative voice and authoring content.

Basecamp accomodations and three meals per day, provided by Camp Wawona in Yosemite National Park.

Park entry, permits, trail guides, safety equipment and training.

1 Free ticket to the San Francisco Symposium included with full payment to the Legendeer Expedition.

1 Free ticket to attend the San Francisco Premiere of Jeremy Collin's film:Drawn. (Friday, May 29th)



Wawona provides direct proximity to the heart of Yosemite National Park. We will be surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the Sierra Nevada, with comfortable Yurts and dedicated studio areas. Transport between the camp and the trailheads allows us to get the most out of nature during the day, and return to a comfortable and productive home base in the evening.

*Your application fee will be put towards the financial hardship scholarship outlined below in the FAQ.

Questions? Send us an email here:


DRAWN from Jeremy Collins: Premiere & Book Signing

May 29th at 7pm | San Francisco


Buy DRAWN Ticket

Join Legendeer at SOMArts Event Center in San Francisco, as we celebrate the Premiere of the internationally acclaimed film, Drawn, which chronicles the trials and creative journey of world renowned climber and artist Jeremy Collins to the corners of the earth. Jeremy will be in attendance, signing editions of his companion book "DRAWN" during the premiere.

This is a ticketed event, and is free to attendees of the Legendeer Symposium and Expedition. Register for the Legendeer Symposium from 3-5pm on Friday, and stay around for the premiere. This kick off event serves as an amazing way to start the Legendeer weekend.

*DRAWN Premiere ticket purchases do not include admittance to the Legendeer Symposium.

Our sponsors

Some of the fantastic companies helping us to make Legendeer California a reality.


This should answer all of the questions you could possibly have.
Did we miss something? Send us an email today:

“What should my skill level be for this event?”
The core tenets behind Legendeer are designed to scale from basic levels of observation to the highest levels of ideation, the shaping of personal voice, defining content, and creative lifestyle design. The model is adaptable to all skill levels as we will be teaching to the individual, not the crowd. Legendeer California focuses on the informing and shaping of powerful storytelling through the pursuit of rich experiences. Technical skill is not as important as your enthusiasm to observe, record, reflect on and communicate your experiences. Every skill level will be welcomed equally.

“How physically fit do I need to be?”
The level of physical participation will accommodate skill levels from beginner to advanced, and the daily hikes will be rated according to level of difficulty. We will be splitting into groups no larger than ten, and participants have the option to switch places into another group, or to opt out of hiking completely. There are some very easy walking trails close to the camp where you will be able to observe, interpret and follow the curriculum, and there will be instructors staying at base camp each day. If you will be hiking, it is a good idea to do some hiking or long walks at home before you join us, so you have a good idea of your own ability. Each participant will be required to sign an acknowledgement of risk form, and to clearly communicate any known health concerns.

“Are there any additional expenses with the Expedition?”
1. Accomodations in San Francisco are not included.
2. Meals in San Francisco are not included. Guests are welcome to bring your own food into the event space.
3. You will be responsible for your own gear, including art materials, hiking clothes and shoes, and other hiking supplies. Please see the materials list for an approximate pricing of these items.
4. Transportation to and from Yosemite National Park is not included. Legendeer has established a Convention discount with Amtrak. On average, travel via Amtrak (bus, train, bus) will cost $45

“Is there a portfolio review in the Expedition application process?”
Nope. We're interested in knowing what kind of person you are, and hearing why you'd like to join us on the Expedition. But feel free to include a portfolio link to help us get a sense of you and your work.

“Will I have cellphone access and wi-fi?”
Cellphone access will be very limited while in Yosemite National Park and Wi-fi will not be available. It's the perfect time to take a technology break. The San Francisco Symposium will offer full access through the standard channels.

“Will I be expected to finish an artwork at the Expedition?”
The expedition is deeply focused on the creative process and iterated design, so you are not expected to complete an artwork from start to finish. There will be time and space set aside in the evening for participants to work in a shared creative environment towards a more tangible outcome. Following the event, we look forward to continuing a dialgoue within the Legendeer forums, as you progress towards the realization of a final creative work/direction.

“I've never camped; during the Expedition, where will I be staying?”
Legendeer will be staying at Camp Wawona, within Yosemite National Park. Legendeer has reserved a number of Yurts (see photos) that can each sleep up to 11 people in bunk style beds. Bedding is included in the price of tuition. The yurts include heat, electricity, hardwood floors, and power outlets. Each yurt is built on a solid deck that looks out over the wilderness in Wawona. Yurts are in close proximity to the Camp Wawona bath house with showers, hot water, drinking water, restrooms, and other camp amenities (see photos). With the exception of couples, Legendeer will be divided into male and female sleeping arrangements, a Yurt for Instructors, and additional yurts designated for working and meeting space.

“Nature? Isn't that dangerous?”
We have taken every possible precaution to ensure your safety. All groups will be accompanied by two leaders, one of whom will be a qualified to the standars required by Yosemite National Park. We have deliberately sought out Wilderness Experts who have direct experience in Yosemite National Park, and have served in positions as varied as Park Rangers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Climbing Guides, and Educators. All groups will carry first aid kits, as well as two way radios, and will be well-equipped with knowledge about the trails and any potential dangers. Ultimately, you will be responsible for your own safety and we will require you to sign an acknowledgement of risk waiver, however you can be comfortable that we have prepared the event to be as safe as possible. Successful applicants to the Expedition will be provided a copy of our Safety Plan.

“Can you cater to my dietary requirements?”
All meals will be prepared by Camp Wawona, which is exclusively a Vegetarian diet. Three meals a day are included in the pricing structure. There is access to stores in Wawona to cater to most dietary needs. If you have specific dietary requirements, allergies etc, please make a note of these in the application form, and be prepared to provide for your own nourishment, where applicable. Keep in mind that at least one meal each day will likely be eaten during the hike, and you should be prepared to carry your own food. Sack lunches will be provided by Camp Wawona. Legendeer will not be providing snacks, food or meals of any kind during the duration of the Expedition. Camp Wawona is Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco free.

“Can I just come to the Symposium?”
Yes! We have designed the Symposium to be an amazing, thought provoking, stand-alone experience that will focus on creative origins, and the future of creative industries. There will be demonstrations, inspiring lectures composed for this event, Q&A's, performances and more. We highly recommend applying for the Expedition as it will be based around the application of everything we discuss and demonstrate at the Symposium, but those who are only able to join us for the weekend will walk away inspired, excited, and empowered to continue forging their own stories. There is no application process for the Symposium.

“Can I just come to the Expedition?”
Yes, while full payment to attend the Expedition includes one free ticket to attend the Symposium, participants can elect to attend the Expedition or Symposium as stand alone events. Both will be highly informative, and have been designed to work in concert with eachother. If you can't make it to the Symposium but want to attend the Expedition, shoot us an email and we'll be glad to accommodate.

“Is this event only suitable for Painters and Illustrators?" No, the events are desigened to find a common thread between disciplines through creative process. The Legendeer program was designed for creators from all walks of life. We will be structuring the content to be applicable to all sorts of outcomes, and we have Photographers, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Art Directors and more on the Faculty. We will explore many overlapping and interconnected practices that work in concert to create the most powerful ideas across all media.